Pilates is a dynamic form of exercise which trains the body as an integrated whole with a strong focus on core.

Why pilates?

Individual assessments will be carried out on all new pilates clients. Thereafter clients will be guided into a class that will best suit them. Alternately, the client may need a few one-on-one sessions, before entering a class environment. This is dependent on what the client needs, and prefers. 

Our Pilates offerings:

Pilates timetable at Bryanston:

Pure Kinetics Bryanston Pilates
Pure Kinetics Bryanston Pilates

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Pilates offers so many benefits not only physically but mentally as well. Treat yourself or a loved one to a one-on-one class or package. 

Pilates Parkmore Pure Kinetics

Pilates in the park?

Keep an eye on our social pages for more information on our next fabulous Pilates in the the Park event. 

Sports massage

Both athletes and non-athletes can benefit from sports massage therapy. The session will be personalised to your requirements.

The application of sports massage is accumulative, so the more regularly you attend sessions the more benefit you will gain.

Sports Massage